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Parts Required For A Desktop Computer

Desktops are much cheaper to buy than laptops. Laptops are usually more expensive because the manufacturer has to get smaller parts with similar performance than desktop counter parts and this requires extra work therefore it costs more. Still buying a pre-built desktop can cost a lot because it includes the manufacturers charge as well. To get the cheapest possible build, you’ll have to build it yourself. Compared to pre-build desktops, you can tailor make the computer, part by part. This is a large advantage of desktop users. Here is a list of parts required for a desktop computer.


The motherboard is basically the unit that connects everything. Every other unit will connect through the motherboard. When laptop repairs Christchurch are done, they usually clean the motherboard out first. There are different types of motherboards and depending on the ports you want, you will have to decide the motherboard.


The processor is the brain of the computer that does all the calculation. It is the central processing unit. There are different types of processors. Depending on your budget you can choose one. Desktops processors in general are much faster and more powerful than desktop computers. You will also need a heat sink to keep the processor cool.


All the processing data needs to be stored somewhere and the memory is used for that. The more memory the desktop has the more data that can be stored. This would aid you in opening multiple apps without the computer crashing. This is also very beneficial for multi-tasking. The speed of the memory also matters because it determines the speed the processor can dump and collect memory making the system fast for you. When the computer become slow you don’t really have to call a computer repairs shop but rather check the memory and see if it’s clean without any dust around it.

Hard drive

Hard drive is used to store all the data. This includes the documents, videos, music, files etc. There are different types of hard drives. The primary types of hard drives are Hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD). HDD’s are slower and you can get it for cheap while SSD’s are more expensive but it’s faster. For the same price you can get a HDD with lots of space or a SSD with little space. The HDD will depend on what you need, more space or speed.

Optional components

There are more optional components such as the sound cars, video card and DVD/ Blu Ray drive. Sound cards are for audio professional or if you need high quality sound as the computer already has inbuilt sound card. The video card is also in built but if you’re a graphic designer or gamer, you will need a more powerful video card. DVD/ Blu Ray will also be needed only if you are going to use it.